Sight Singing

Sight Singing Practice Examples can be found here:

Key of F – Treble Clef (soprano)
Key of Bb – Treble Clef (alto)
Key of F – Bass Clef (tenor)
Key of Bb – Bass Clef (bass)

Click here to download the tuneup MP3 Files

The sight singing samples shall adhere to the following guidelines:

  • All shall be in 4/4 time.

All samples shall be rendered in both of the following major keys:

  • Altos and Basses shall sing in Bb major
  • Sopranos and Tenors shall sing in F major
  • All shall start and end on either the lower or upper tonic.
  • All shall be 8 measures long in ABAC form.
  • Measures 1 and 2 shall be identical to measures 5 and 6.
  • Measure 4 shall end in a half cadence.
  • Measure 8 shall end in a full cadence.

Only the following melodic motion shall be used:

  • The tonic up or down to the dominant
  • The dominant up or down to the tonic
  • Any third up or down within the key
  • Any whole or half steps up or down within the key

Only the following rhythms shall be used, with the underlined values required in every sample:

  • Whole note
  • Dotted half quarter rest pattern
  • Dotted half quarter note pattern
  • Half note
  • Dotted quarter note eighth note pattern
  • Quarter note
  • Quarter rest
  • Pair of eighth notes

With the exception of the dotted-quarter-note-eighth-note combination all eighth notes shall appear in pairs. There shall be no eighth rests, nor shall two eighth notes be split by another value to create syncopation. Any number of running eighth note pairs is allowed.